Love is a Portal, Skies are for Mending, We’re not from around here

Halo Portrait of Pamela Clare Wylie Samuelson by Adam YasminKelly and I arrived in Los Angeles, two alien beings from New York with only a few days to explore car culture, eat in Korea Town as much as possible, thrift store hunt everywhere, and (unintentionally) make a special trip to the tow lot to pick up our sad little rental we’d left in 4pm traffic on Santa Monica Blvd. Lucky for us, we had the guidance of two L.A. natives to show us another angle of the city.

I met Pamela Clare Wylie Samuelson and Adam Yasmin through friends of friends at Burning Man’s Cargo Cult 2013. Like true “visitors from elsewhere” Pam and Adam’s presence rang the bells of other worldliness. “Their cargo was splendid, their generosity boundless, and their motives beyond my understanding.” These artsy powerhouses needed a Seen & Herd feature all their own! Pam, the subject, an aerialist, carpenter, body worker, and all around community marvel. Adam, the photographer, a soft spoken and dreamy thinker who crafts kaleidoscopic geometric visions of reality.

On a weird cold windy day, they brought Kelly and I through uncharted L.A. driveways to the look outs of Laurel Canyon. With Pam swan-like in a KHH | Kelly Horrigan Handmade dress made of recycled umbrellas, molded leather and feathers, Adam captured some photos on his phone.

We flew home, back to our familiar landscape. Adam went to work in his digital realm. When the images emerged, our out of body exchange was revealed. The skyline, the ocean in the distance, the bitter wind all vibrant, visible frequency. This is the story of a way through, of the light and sound of a city moving us with them into other dimensions.

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asudeM | Medusa


If you’re looking for the epitome of fierceness look no further than Shelley Nicole. Whether she’s rocking out with her band Shelley Nicole’s blaKbüshe, healing you with “Rock ‘N Reiki”, or just walking down the streets of Brooklyn, you will take notice.  Not afraid to sing her truth and speak her mind, Shelley can be poignant and still make you dance. Think Nona Hendryx meets Black Sabbath meets Grace Jones. She declares, “Can a Girl Catch a Break” in her song “Black Girls”. Seen & Herd watches as this superstar breaks out.

Imagine how thrilled we were when Shelley agreed to participate in our first ever fashion film. In this collaboration with filmmaker Wayne Schrengosht we asked Shelley to channel her supernatural side while wearing a KHH | Kelly Horrigan Handmade costume creation: A Medusa like Serpent goddess for a modern tale.  With music by our very own Lee Free, Seen & Herd continues our collaborative cooking and serves up a fresh new blog post just in time for fall.

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Birds of a Feather

Studio portrait shoot of Meg Foley for Kelly Horrigan Handmade at The Brooklyn Arts Exchange in Brooklyn, New York on September 22, 2012.This is a unique Seen & Herd. Our subject is Meg Foley. She is wearing a custom KHH feather collar & necklace that was made for her wedding. Meg influenced the color, the design, and the types of feathers all to express her vision for this vibrant day. Kelly, Meg and our photographer Angela Jimenez know each other in a familial way, each supporting the others artistic endeavors through skill trades, collaboration and love. Some know Meg as a Philadelphia-based choreographer and the director of Moving Parts (in 2012 she was awarded the prestigious Pew Fellowship). She’s built an esteemed body of work but the term choreographer limits her true approach to dance. It may be more apt to say she is a movement investigator, a spatial trickster, environment builder, a playful colorist and a perception priestess. As these pictures reveal, it’s hard to capture her in one place at one time…

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House of VooDoo Vacation Edition

How did we end up on the tiny island of Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand?

This is the short version of a long tale of three hard working musicians, one hard working fashion designer and a whole lot of Internet research. Earlier this year, MEN, the fabulous electro-pop outfit from Brooklyn, NY comprised of JD Samson and Michael O’Neill, brought this drumming Brooklynite (Lee Free) on a world tour touching down in 12 different cities in NZ, Australia, Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam. We tagged a vacation in Thailand on the end, bought Kelly a ticket to join in the fun and BAM! Seen and Herd goes International! Here we captured the lovely Michael O’Neill, turned sea creature doing what he does best when he’s not shredding your face with his guitar…relaxing.

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Postcards from the Edge: A Warm Winter Tale

When we first meet the extraordinary facial guru Reneata Collins, she’s feeling like “something needs to be plucked on someone’s face, and that’s only the beginning…” Reneata is in the harrowing and hilarious throes of a warm Mancos, Colorado winter. Just as Collin’s first role – the precocious teenager jumping around the USA, her life is set within the world she knows better than anyone else: a small mountain town. More of a fiction montage than a novel in the conventional sense, this stunning blog post chronicles Reneata’s vivid, funny experiences, from the spa to her coming to terms with life in the outside world. It is a revealing look at the dangers and delights of all our strengths, from beauty and success to rest and security.                                                                                              – adapted from the original book description of “Post Cards from the Edge”

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A Year in Reflection

Photos by Eric T. White

When Jenny Romaine calls your phone, you know there is something awesome happening somewhere and Jenny wants you to be a part of it. The conversation may go like this, “I’m uptown everyone is wearing plushy heads and we’re dancing outside the Russian consulate to protest the proposed gay rights laws, you’ve got to be here!” Seen & Herd has been waiting for the right moment to capture the energy and intensity of one of our favorite starlets, but how? How do you squeeze the magnanimous power of a glamorous theatrical, comedic, musical, puppeteer political activist into a photograph? Well…First, you use the stage set built by her own theater company, Great Small Works, a recreation of a set by iconic Cockette, Jilala. The imagery has been reinvented many times over. We’ve seen it surface through the eyes of Keith Herring, Grace Jones, Rhianna, and many a small puppet theater performances…

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The Artist’s Way

Seen and Herd took a trip out to L.A. to do a little business and enjoy a little pleasure.  Catching up with old friends, we headed to the succulent desert paradise of the Huntington Botanical Garden to create some colorful images with Frida Kahlo as our inspiration. Who could handle such a task? Only our favorite outspoken, Persian fashion diva, Parisa Parnian. Parisa had us in a lush tropical trance. Jorge Köngsberg captured the beautiful images.

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