Postcards from the Edge: A Warm Winter Tale

When we first meet the extraordinary facial guru Reneata Collins, she’s feeling like “something needs to be plucked on someone’s face, and that’s only the beginning…” Reneata is in the harrowing and hilarious throes of a warm Mancos, Colorado winter. Just as Collin’s first role – the precocious teenager jumping around the USA, her life is set within the world she knows better than anyone else: a small mountain town. More of a fiction montage than a novel in the conventional sense, this stunning blog post chronicles Reneata’s vivid, funny experiences, from the spa to her coming to terms with life in the outside world. It is a revealing look at the dangers and delights of all our strengths, from beauty and success to rest and security.                                                                                              – adapted from the original book description of “Post Cards from the Edge”

Seen & Herd: Tell us about your business, how you got started, and the inspiration behind the name? 

Reneata Collins: When I worked at a spa in Atlanta I both really enjoyed the treatments I received as well as recognized it as something I could be good at. I would daydream about having a boutique/spa where I could do my thing and have fun products all in a not so spa-y atmosphere.  And then it happened in Mancos!

The name Beehive is about me being a busy bee and we do live and work in the same building.

SNH: You are the eyebrow and facial guru of Mancos, Colorado population less than 1,500 people. What are your 3 favorite things about living in a small town?

RC: 1) quiet openness  2) random wild animals  3) visiting a city

SNH: Where did you grow up, what about it made the biggest impression on who you are today? 

RC: I grew up in a variety of rural places as my family moved frequently, the lack of a large populace helped me to invent myself outside of established groups.

SNH: Describe your personal style in verbs.

RC: run run run, observe, exalt, squeeze, love, run run run.

SNH: Giving facials seems incredibly intimate…what was the weirdest “facial” encounter you’ve ever had?

RC: Extracting a marker nib from a friend’s forehead.

SNH: One tip for balancing motherhood and a full time business…

RC: Don’t – motherhood is a forever type of thing and business is to get money (y’all).

SNH: Any pet peeves or beauty secrets you wish everyone would employ?

RC: $5 brows are worth every penny.

SNH: Living or dead, name some eyebrows you dearly covet?

RC: For brows, I always think of Siouxsie Sioux, not that I want her look, but more the idea of taking an old style and making it modern, bold.

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About KHH

Kelly Horrigan is a fashion designer and educator. Through her company KHH | Kelly Horrigan Handmade she creates one-of-a-kind leather designs that combine old-world techniques with modern aesthetic. She earned her BFA in fashion design and has since been a professor at Pratt Institute’s fashion department. Her work has been worn by Janet Jackson, featured in the pages of the Fader, Surface, Fiasco Homme and Velvetpark Magazine, The New York Times and seen on NBC's The Voice, here!TV and Bravo TV. For more info visit
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