The Little Village

Ariela wears a brass hinge necklace with attached belt and lazer cut dress by Photo and post production by Mor Erlich.

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Commanding creature…

On a late September afternoon, Seen and Herd ventured out with performer Ashley Brockington and photographer Mor Erlich to the Brooklyn waterfront. A storm was threatening and wouldn’t you know it, as soon as we landed at Brooklyn Bridge Park the heavens opened up in thunderous glory. The photo shoot took refuge under the Manhattan Bridge. With the help of the brights from our ’91 Ford Explorer, it soon became the perfect setting for the birth of “Commanding Creature”.

Wearing Kelly Horrigan’s “Warrior Shoulder Piece and Head Dress”, Ashley brought her saucy, burlesque best to the cold, rainy dusk and left us awe struck at the base of the bridge.

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A knock at the dressing room door

Seen & Herd welcomes Rachel Lee Walsh to the launch of our first official posting. Seen & Herd is a fashion and culture blog inspired by the handiwork of fashion guru, Kelly Horrigan and her line of one-of-a-kind leather accessories, Kelly Horrigan Handmade. We will be featuring bi-monthly postings for your viewing pleasure. The basic premise: find someone we love and appreciate, dress them in a KHH original, take some cool photos and find out more about the person and what makes them tick. Lee Free will conduct the interviews and craft the text. This month’s photography credit goes to Kelly and a random i-phone. Here we go…

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